Feature Layers
Basic Filters
These sliders adjust the minimum threshold of campaign markers shown on the map. Adjusting these will not affect the exploratory layers.

$0 - $200 000

$0 - $2 500 000

0 - 5000

0 - 2000

0 - 10000

Exploratory Layers

Please note: these layers will not change when basic filters are applied.

Aggregated Campaign Data Layers
Displays aggregated markers to depict areas of high numbers of campaigns initiated.
Campaigns - Socio-economic Variable Comparison Layers by Forward Sortation Area (FSA)
Once a layer has been selected, click on resulting areas on the map to view more information for each FSA. Specific socio-economic status (SES) indicators were chosen from the 2016 Canadian Census to explore SES trends among Campaigners. The chosen indicators were obtained at the Aggregate Dissemination Area (ADA) level then linked to Forward Sortation Areas (FSA) using a weighted area process. The indicators are related to income, education, and housing (specific descriptions of the indicators can be found in the legend).

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