I am a programmer & aspiring GIScientist

About Me

I am a passionate creator who loves programming, GIS, and problem-solving. I am currently pursuing the intersection of my interests as a Ph.D. student in the Spatial Analysis and Modeling Lab at Simon Fraser University. My research focusses on advancing geospatial artificial intelligence methods. I am also an avid reader and a dedicated soccer player.


Graduate Research Assistant

Spatial Analysis and Modeling (SAM) Laboratory, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC

  • Graduate Research Assistant at the Spatial Analysis and Modeling (SAM) Lab at Simon Fraser University supervised by Dr. Suzana Dragicevic.
  • Exploring geoAI and geosimulation methods

Teaching Assistant

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC

  • Conducted labs for:
    • Quantitative Geography in Fall 2020 (Geog 251)
    • Spatial Analysis in Fall 2018 and Spring 2021 (Geog 352)
    • Spatial Modeling in Fall 2019 and Fall 2022 (Geog 451)
  • Prepared PowerPoint presentations and software demonstrations
  • Provided technical support for: ArcMap 10.6-10.8, ArcGIS Pro, IDRISI TerrSet, and Microsoft Excel
  • Graded assignments, papers, presentations, and examinations
  • Invigilated final exam (Fall 2018)

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Spatial Analysis and Modeling (SAM) Laboratory, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC

  • Awarded an NSERC USRA for Summer 2018
  • Created comprehensive bibliographic databases
  • Explored and implemented deep learning methods

Freelance Web Developer

Self Employed, Vancouver BC

  • Working with various company owners in a range of industries to create and maintain useful, informative websites showcasing work and services to potential customers
  • Utilizing Node.js, modern front-end CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, and gained experience creating web mapping applications using MapBox and Leaflet with MySQL databases
  • Creating or enhancing logos and designing responsive interfaces

Computer Scientist Intern

Simba Technologies, Vancouver BC

  • Worked in a team of 8 developers to develop a new ODBC driver solution
  • Learned ODBC driver concepts and implemented a basic ODBC driver with a small team of interns during training, and attended weekly C++ classes provided by Simba
  • Utilized Visual Studio development tools to debug C++ driver code, and gained experience debugging with GDB on Solaris systems
  • Assisted in thorough driver testing on platforms including Windows, OSX, Centos, Solaris, AIX, and HPUX
  • Participated in and coordinated release tasks, including fuzz testing tasks for Microsoft
  • Used Perforce for revision control and Jira for task management
  • Helped create a new visualization dashboard using Splunk to assist the team and managers in viewing test case failures and report progress across the supported platforms and bitnesses

Software Developer Intern

Pulse Energy, Vancouver BC

  • Worked in a small team on Energy Intelligence Software, delivering personalized energy insights to assist customers in optimizing energy performance
  • Utilized Node.js for our web application, Github for revision control, and Asana for task management
  • Developed solutions to both user-facing and back-end bugs and implementing customer requested features with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Dedicated to creating robust and organized solutions while utilizing Javascript libraries such as Knockout and Underscore
  • Participated in assisting the QA team in regression testing prior to large software releases


PhD Candidate - Geographic Information Science

Sept 2019 - Present

Simon Fraser University

  • Research areas: Geographic Information Science, Geospatial Artificial Intelligence, Data-Driven Geosimulation, Spatial Modeling
  • NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship-Doctoral (PGS-D) scholar

Master of Science in Geography

Sept 2018 - Aug 2019

Simon Fraser University

  • Courses: Machine Learning (SFU), Advanced Spatial Analysis and Modeling (SFU), Advanced Earth Observation and Image Processing (UBC)
  • Thesis: Evaluating Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Modeling Land Cover Change

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

June 2018

Simon Fraser University

  • Completed concentrations in Information Systems and Computing Systems
  • Minor in Geography
  • Spatial Information Systems Certificate
  • Dean's Honour Roll (Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2017)
  • Computing Science Co-operative Education Designation

Web Projects

Portfolio Image

Crowdfunding for Health Research Project (CHRP)

Medical Crowdfunding Web Project, January - April 2018

This exploratory project utilized Canadian cancer-related crowdfunding campaigns obtained from GoFundMe in 2016.

The objective of this project was to detect patterns in campaigner socio-economic status and frequent text employed in campaign narratives.

View CHRP Analytics

Designed & developed by: Alysha van Duynhoven

Portfolio Image

goElectric by mapit.space

Submission for the Esri App Challenge, Created 2018

In this project, my team created an interactive web mapping application for Vancouverites to explore and compare Electric Vehicles (EVs) with gas-powered vehicles.

We completed this work and research in 7 days for the Esri Canada App Challenge in March 2018.

View goElectric

Project Lead & UI Designer: Chris Yee

Lead Developer: Alysha van Duynhoven

Lead Researcher: Anthony Lee

Portfolio Image

Van Duynhoven Garden Service Ltd.

Company website, Created 2015

The purpose of this website is to provide a company homepage for Van Duynhoven Garden Service Ltd., displaying information about the company, careers, and services.

This site was created using HTML, CSS, and PHP while consulting frequently with the company owner to deliver the final product.

View Van Duynhoven Garden Service Ltd.

Designed & developed by:
Alysha van Duynhoven