Crowdfunding for Health Research Project

Exploring Socioeconomic & Narrative Factors of Canadian Medical Crowdfunding Campaigns



The Crowdfunding for Health Research Project or "CHRP" is a research initiative aiming to identify gaps in the Canadian healthcare system through the exploration of socioeconomic and narrative factors of Canadian medical crowdfunding campaigns.

With the availability of crowdfunding datasets extracted from major sites such as GoFundMe, new questions can be devised to discover the socioeconomic factors and narratives of Canadians instigating crowdfunding campaigns for medical purposes across the nation.

In conjunction with the Medical Crowdfunding Research Team (MedCRT) and the Genomics & Networks Analysis (GeNA) Lab at Simon Fraser University, we have generated tabular results and developed an interactive web mapping tool to support exploratory spatial data analysis, knowledge discovery tasks, and to help formulate future work in this domain.

This site was constructed to showcase major constituents of our research project, including the methods, findings, and the exploratory web mapping tool. You can also click the button below to view our full report!

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Learn more about medical crowdfunding, previous work that helped shape this project, and our objectives.

Data & Methods

Check out the data & methods we utilized and developed in order to obtain our results.


Curious about what we found? You can view our results here.

Discussion & Conclusion

What does this all mean? Read about our interpretations of results, limitations of the project, and concluding statements.

Explore our Data

Check out our interactive web map to explore the medical crowdfunding dataset!

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Meet the Team

We are a group of students from Geog 455W. Our diverse skills and interests have contributed to this awesome project!

team member

I love reading, traveling, and climbing. I am interested in the variations of culture changes between the different dynasties of China, and love to learn about history.

Stacy Duan
BSc Global Environmental Systems, Minor in Geography
team member

Currently a GIS enthusiast working in industry. Loves to take his boston terrier for long walks.

Anthony Lee
BA Geography, Minor in Dialogue, Certificates in SIS, Environmental Literacy, and Liberal Arts
team member

I am interested in the spatial relations between people and the environment with a focus on the inequities different socioeconomic groups face.

Ross Michel
BA Environmental Geography
team member

Some of my many interests include geospatial methods, parallel computing, and geosimulation. I enjoy programming and creating things!

Alysha van Duynhoven
BSc Computing Science, Minor in Geography, SIS Certificate

Project Affiliations

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this project! If you would like to make an inquiry, please contact any of the following project liaisons or students involved.